Senior Pastor Robert L. Burton

​Assistant-Pastor Diane Rodriguez-Burton

3296 Walt Stephens Rd. Jonesboro, GA  30236  (770) 472-8338

Greater Works Baptist Church

Pastor Robert L. Burton serves as the Senior Pastor, Greater Works Baptist Church, Inc., 3296 Walt Stephens Road, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236. Pastor Burton was born in Opelika, Alabama and is the youngest boy of eight sisters and brothers. He accepted Christ when he was 9 years old, not fully understanding that the Lord had set him aside for His Service in that he would someday be sent to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. His goal is to be obedient in carrying out God’s Will. Early life experiences prepared him to minister the Word of God to all levels of people, but the Holy Ghost fixed his heart for reaching God’s people through the unedited Word of God. He is a graduate of Saint Leo University, where he holds a dual Bachelor Degrees:  BA in Religion (Theology) and Business Administration (Management).  Additionally, he holds a four year educational certificate in Theology from Baptist International Bible Institute (BIBI). He served in the U.S. Army from 1975 to 1995 (US Army-Retired).  He has over 40 years of federal service and experience in the area of Office Administration and Operation.  His fun hobbies include computer software/operation, bowling, and meeting people.  He and his wife Pastor Diane Rodriguez-Burton have resided in Jonesboro, Georgia for the past 20 years.  Their son Khalid (Ashley), is a Captain in the United States Army and is currently station at Ft. Sam Houston, TX with their son Alexander and daughter Simone.  Their daughter Krista graduated from the Master’s Program majoring in Nuclear Engineering (4.0 GPA) at the University of Tennessee (The Vols), Class of 2014 and Georgia Tech with an  advance degree in Nuclear Medicine, Class of 2017. 

​Assistant Pastor Diane Rodriguez-Burton is “BORN AGAIN”!
She is the Assistant Pastor of Greater Works Baptist Church (GWBC) of Jonesboro, GA. under Senior Pastor Robert L. Burton, and currently serves as the GWBC Youth Pastor. She is also the Teen/Tween Sunday School Teacher. Additionally, the Lord has called her out to birth a “Women’s Empowerment Ministry for reaching women who are in need of encouragement worldwide.  Born in New Orleans, raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is the middle child of seven living siblings. Pastor Diane is a Born Again Believer, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. Accepting Christ at 11 years old, she did not understand that the Lord had set her aside for His Service to someday preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation. She is married to Senior Pastor Robert L. Burton and they have 2 children, a wonderful son Khalid (Ashley-2 grandchildren), and an awesome daughter Krista. 
Her goal is to be an obedient servant in carrying out the Will of God for her life.  She is the owner and CEO of RBURTON Human Resources Consulting and Resume Writing. She served as a soldier in the United States Army Active Reserves for 4 years, and as a Civilian Human Resources professional with the US Federal Government for 30 plus years.  She earned both an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts equivalence in Theology. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a minor in Public Communication, and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and Administration.  She is a lifetime student of the Bible, she loves the Lord and is “BORN AGAIN”.  Formal training and life experiences prepared her to minister the Word of God to diverse audiences and all levels of people throughout nations; but it was truly the Holy Ghost who fixed her heart and taught her to reach people through the unerring Word of God.